When revamping the mixer which is also known as Sydmikser Jongia opted for a unique shut-off device allowing a storage tank to be shut off from the ambient environment. It’s based on an external shut off device, when activated, there is no radial/axial displacement of the shaft. Jongia has designed the conical seat in such a way that the conical ring (mounted on the shaft) is pulled into the conical seat. That way the shaft (including bearings and seal) remains in its position, whilst the conical ring is being closed. Once the shut off device is engaged, the seal can easily be exchanged from the immobilized shaft. Due to the open construction of the mixer the shut off device is easy accessible with just a wrench.


The unique design has already gained recognition from customers such as Total refinery, Koole Tankstorage Minerals, VOPAK and Odfjell terminals. These end users have opted for the open construction side entry mixers in combination with a double mechanical seal system. In doing so maximum safety and emission control on site are ensured.

The Sydmiksers have a design lifecycle of 20 years and require only the minimum in OPEX cost. Although the mixer has a standardized modular design, every single mixer will be engineered and dedicated to the process application. Every mixer manufactured in our workshop must meet the requirements of an especially developed test protocol. These tests include among others a Dry Run Test, Vibration test and Noise Measurement test. All mixers will be assembled completely at the Jongia workshop for the testing cycle and are prepared for transport afterwards.

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