The decision to buy a particular brand of mixing equipment is often based on price along with requirements from the production process as part of a capital expenditure trajectory (CAPEX). Usually too little attention is being paid to the so-called operational expenditures (OPEX) which can run 5 times as high as the CAPEX. Jongia is approaching and engineering mixer projects to provide the customers the lowest possible TCO with the best possible process result.

Reference case Salinen

Witness the case of Salinen, the Austrian based salt producer, where Jongia in close cooperation Titan Projects helped to cut down on investment, energy consumption, maintenance and made the production efficiency much higher. This has resulted in a CAPEX reduction of € 1.800.000,= and an OPEX reduction of € 230.000,= yearly.
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Jongia’s results at Salinen aroused the interest of Russia’s biggest salt producer, Russalt. Competing with the world’s leading mixer manufacturer Jongia was granted the project. Even though the CAPEX was slightly higher Russalt was convinced that Jongia would provide them with considerably lower OPEX and therefore much higher operational profit.

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